Key topics

From an in-depth discussion with ONE Championship’s CEO, to NFL China’s tact on approaching social, the 2020 event addressed the cross-section of OTT, Digital and Social Media by looking at the different methodologies, challenges and innovations from all corners of Asia. All the sessions focused on the three pillars below:


  • Challenges of launching streaming services in different Asian markets

  • Use cases for attracting regional audiences with varied consumption habits

  • How to stand out in the crowded Asian OTT market


  • How fan experience has been successfully placed at the heart of digital strategy

  • Driving consumption with localised content

  • What makes the Asian esports user experience distinct from traditional sports?


  • What is the Asian playbook for deploying social media as part of a multi-channel approach

  • What does social media usage tell us about fans and how to improve their experience

  • How are Western sports properties addressing their main strategic social media challenges in the APAC region?